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What Past Disasters Can Teach Us About Supporting Staff During COVID-19

Shared trauma in the midst of disaster can be a unifying experience for those impacted. What, then, when the result of this trauma calls for more separation and distance than experienced before, such as in the case of COVID-19? Although this impacts the community at large, healthcare workers can be disproportionately affected by the high-stress circumstances and isolation that arise from this global pandemic. As well, in a field where most workers are knowledgeable and have perfectionistic tendencies, the uncertainty can be exceptionally exhausting.

Joshua Morganstein, MD, addresses behaviours and support systems that need to be in place to promote the wellbeing of healthcare providers before, during, and after experiencing disasters. Strategies include the need to “buddy up”, fostering hope when loss seems commonplace, and enacting a plan to help reset and reintegrate post disaster.

Click here to learn about other strategies crucial to promoting the health of health heroes.

Summary by: Aliki Karanikas

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